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You will probably find the best prices for individual dental insurance when you purchase a policy has both dental and medical included, although standalone policies are available if you already have medical insurance.

HSAs are becoming more popular with our clients and I’m happy about that. Our clients who purchase HSA-compatible plans usually save money and lower their taxes at the same time. They generally save money on their insurance costs and also on their taxes. The basic concept has been around for a long time. If you

Many of our clients are self-employed or own a small businesses. When they come to us searching for health insurance, they often want to buy group insurance. This is usually not in their best interest. Group health insurance costs more than private health insurance in Connecticut! If you and your family are healthy, you will

I think that it is important to support our Connecticut neighbors. When we purchase things from somewhere else we help others. Of course there is nothing wrong with that. However, when we buy from Connecticut businesses, we buy from people who might be more likely to buy from us. We are kinder to the planet

COBRA is a federal law that forces most employers with over 20 employees to keep former employees on their group health insurance plan for a period of time. The official Department of Labor information and definitions can be found on the DOL website. Since Cobra is a federal law, Ohio COBRA health insurance and Connecticut

Of course you can’t time your next medical emergency and you shouldn’t delay going to the doctor if you have symptoms. I’m not suggesting that you jeopardize your health in order to save a few dollars. However, there are things like eye exams, annual physicals that you have some control over. Using these services at

Are you getting every thing you can from your health insurance policy? Your policy may offer some or all of the following for free or with just a small co-pay: general health exam OB/GYN exam Government Recommended Screening tests for: coronary artery disease colorectal cancer prostate cancer diabetes osteoporosis eye exams eye glasses or contact

Health insurance companies, after reviewing the application of someone with a pre-existing condition reserve the right to: increase the rate eliminate coverage for certain conditions refuse to offer coverage The medical insurance company’s decision can be appealed, but usually the appeal fails. The most important thing to remember about pre-existing conditions is that every company

Knowing your Body Mass Index can be important when you are applying for an insurance policy. Body Mass Index or BMI is replacing the height and weight charts for many insurers. It has the same impact on your ability to purchase a policy as the height and weight charts. Your rate can be increased if

Only two companies offer maternity insurance in Connecticut to individuals You can’t be pregnant when you apply Maternity discount plans aren’t the same Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Connecticare Solo offer Maternity Coverage Only Blue Cross and Connecticare Solo, of all the companies approved for individual health insurance by the Connecticut insurance Department offer