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If you are involved with a non-profit organization that promotes good public policy and will exchange a link and a mention on their website for a donation, please email me with information. We are contribute to the Uconn Guard Dogs and the Naugatuck Hounds Pop Warner football team. The Guard Dogs is a group of

Those who know me outside of my insurance persona know that I’m not afraid to march to the beat of a different drummer. Now I’m marching in funny looking shoes that have glove-like compartments for each toe! Let every one mind his own business, and endeavor to be what he was made… If a man

I’ve never gotten over my first love… the game of basketball. I play whenever I can, which unfortunately is not nearly as often as I’d like to play. One of the ways I can squeeze in a game is by playing in the morning before work. If you are in the Westport area, I invite

I’m currently visiting my brother-in-law and his family in New Orleans. He has served our country as an Airforce pilot for two decades and is due to retire this year. It occurred to me how infrequently I think about the military or of my personal safety. Even in the post 9/11 era I rarely consider

I think that it is important to support our Connecticut neighbors. When we purchase things from somewhere else we help others. Of course there is nothing wrong with that. However, when we buy from Connecticut businesses, we buy from people who might be more likely to buy from us. We are kinder to the planet

I’m a blogger. Funny, I don’t feel any differently now. Maybe I will after I publish this post. I have 10 websites that I hand-code in XHTML and program with PHP and JavaScript, but I’ve never blogged before. I suppose I had to do this. I mean, it was inevitable. I’m a geek. No question