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Over the years, many of our clients have asked about dental insurance. I have been hesitant to offer it without fully informing my clients about the limitations. I will try to do that in this blog post. Dental Insurance Plans We Represent: UnitedHealthOne Anthem Blue Cross       Scroll down on the page and look for “Dental

Knowing which Connecticut medical insurance company is best is much less important than knowing which company is best for you. There are many factors which affect whether a particular policy or company is best for an individual. Some of these factors include:

Typically these benefits are available once per calendar year. If you haven’t taken advantage of your free health insurance exam or your free dental insurance exam for 2009, this is a good time to contact your doctor or dentist and schedule an appointment.

This is when I entered the picture. Wendy called me when her COBRA was about to expire. I had to tell her that even though she had played by the rules all her life, she was now uninsurable in the private market.

When asked “What is best health insurance for a family?” or “I need affordable medical insurance for my family… what’s the best plan? I always ask about the ages and size of the family. The insurance companies that offer health insurance to Connecticut families have different systems for determining their Connecticut Family Health Insurance rates. This can offer advantages and disadvantages for certain families.

I’m surprised that Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield’s recent request for rate increases on their individual health products (as opposed to their employer-sponsored or group health insurance products) got so much publicity. All of the companies have rate adjustments on a regular basis. Each company will have a rate increase roughly once per year. There

You will probably find the best prices for individual dental insurance when you purchase a policy has both dental and medical included, although standalone policies are available if you already have medical insurance.