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Your price for insurance goes down when your share of the risk goes up. This is no secret. What is not known as widely is the price does not go down at the same rate that the risk goes up.

Judge an insurance policy the same way you judge an IOU. An IOU is only as good as the person behind it. Are there too many complaints or a history of not paying claims?

The health care debate is to a great degree misnamed. It is a debate about sickness care and who has to pay for it. A debate about health care would address the issue that is making our costs skyrocket.

Comparing one health insurance policy with another is too much of an apples to oranges comparison. People should understand what benefits they are buying and what they are not buying. The lack of transparency here makes buying health insurance difficult because it is difficult to compare health insurance plans.

There is definitely a benefit to shopping around and looking at different company’s prices. Often there is a big difference between the highest priced carrier for a given age, gender and zip code.

At first she balked. She said that the zero deductible policy was better than the policy with the $2500 deductible. I agreed that it was. However, the real question is:
“Is the more expensive health insurance policy, $400 a month better?”

Most of us are aware that if we buy a policy with a higher deductible, we will pay less and get less coverage. This is true, but the important thing you should be aware of is that the proportionate differences are not likely to be equal. The more expensive policy may be better, but the difference in quality may not be enough to justify all of the additional cost.

Typically these benefits are available once per calendar year. If you haven’t taken advantage of your free health insurance exam or your free dental insurance exam for 2009, this is a good time to contact your doctor or dentist and schedule an appointment.

Finding the best health insurance company or policy is a lot less important than finding the best plan for you and your family. When you request prices and information for health insurance in Connecticut, you will find several powerful tools that will make it easy to pick the best plan.

Existing Connecticare Solo policyholders should strongly consider changing their policies ASAP. Why? The rates on a policy series that is no longer accepting new clients will rise faster than the rates for a policy that is currently accepting new clients. They are no longer accepting new applications for any of policies that were available for effective dates of September 1, 2009 and earlier.