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In Connecticut finding health insurance for the unemployed can be easier than you might think. Many medical insurance carriers that provide group health insurance also provide medical insurance to individuals and families who are not affiliated with a group or employer.

Finding the best health insurance company or policy is a lot less important than finding the best plan for you and your family. When you request prices and information for health insurance in Connecticut, you will find several powerful tools that will make it easy to pick the best plan.

Existing Connecticare Solo policyholders should strongly consider changing their policies ASAP. Why? The rates on a policy series that is no longer accepting new clients will rise faster than the rates for a policy that is currently accepting new clients. They are no longer accepting new applications for any of policies that were available for effective dates of September 1, 2009 and earlier.

The companies the currently allow domestic partners to be covered on the same private health insurance policy include Aetna, Connecticare and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The requirements for being declared a domestic partnership are similar with the three companies. Connecticare’s Domestic Partnership form asks that you attest to the following:

There are now two zero deductible health insurance plans offered to Connecticut residents on a non-group basis that we feel offer a good value for our clients. Connecticare offers one and Aetna offers the other. These zero deductible plans are included any CT health insurance quotes you request from us.

Health insurance premiums have been rising steadily over the years. The cost of medical procedures, medicines and medical equipment have risen and continue to rise. These rising costs have forced increases in medical insurance premiums. There are ways that you may be able to keep your costs down even as your insurance company charges more.

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Instant health insurance quotes are available on this site for all CT approved private health insurance plans.

The real world cost of your health insurance policy includes not just your premium, but also cost of the medical expenses that are not reimbursed.

Finding student health insurance for your son or daughter Your choices include: Health Insurance from a parent’s policy Group Health Insurance Individual or Family Medical Policy Health Insurance approved for the state of your child’s permanent residence Health Insurance approved for the state of your child’s school (assuming he or she resides there) College Health