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Does this sound like a good business deal? You give me one thousand two hundred dollars and I promise to give you no more than one thousand dollars back if you get sick. If that does not sound like a good deal, make sure…

Currently there are eight private medical insurance carriers approved to sell in the State of Connecticut. (This is according to the current information available on the Insurance Department’s website.)

Shopping around for health insurance can save you a lot of money, but when shopping around, be sure to avoid these common pitfalls.

None of the 8 companies is best for every situation. You can request instant price quotes from us or a call us at 203-374-3645 when you need recommendations specific to your situation.

Many people think that having an insurance denial on their record is a “kiss of death” and prevents them from getting coverage from other carriers. This belief can cost you a lot of money if you have a major claim that could have been insured had you pursued other options.

It is important to know that with insurance although you often get more when you pay more, you don’t always get a full dollar’s worth of additional coverage for every extra dollar you pay for coverage.

There is definitely a benefit to shopping around and looking at different company’s prices. Often there is a big difference between the highest priced carrier for a given age, gender and zip code.

One of the questions we get frequently is “how long can i carry cobra insurance after my job loss.” For most people the answer is typically 18 months. However there are exceptions. In certain situations disability and divorce can extend the time period of COBRA eligibility.

Most of us are aware that if we buy a policy with a higher deductible, we will pay less and get less coverage. This is true, but the important thing you should be aware of is that the proportionate differences are not likely to be equal. The more expensive policy may be better, but the difference in quality may not be enough to justify all of the additional cost.

The best place to buy health insurance isn’t from an insurance company, at least not directly from an insurance company. Insurance company employees will, as you might expect, push the products of their company. They are unlikely to tell you if another company’s policy is better for you. Independent brokers are much less biased and