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It is important to know that with insurance although you often get more when you pay more, you don’t always get a full dollar’s worth of additional coverage for every extra dollar you pay for coverage.

Most people who are not in the health insurance business believe that group health insurance is always or usually cheaper than policies that they can buy on their own. This misconception can mean that you pay more for your coverage than you should.

Shortly we will be Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement brokers. (We will continue to help Connecticut residents buy medical insurance.) We will be offering Zero Premium Policies (that right, no some of the policies require none of your money be sent to the insurance company!) as well as other policies with premiums and enhanced benefits.

Although it is important to maintain one’s vision, it may not be as important to have vision insurance. I consider vision and dental insurance to be “nice to have” coverages but not essential coverages. (Vision insurance is included in many of the medical insurance policies that we offer.)

Seniors looking for health insurance are today faced with a dizzying array of choices. Just a few years ago most seniors would cover themselves with Medicare parts A and B and perhaps one of the 10 Medicare supplement options.

What has happened so far has probably not had a lot of impact on how your Connecticut medical insurance policies or their costs. However, the mandates that go into effect on September 23, 2010 may change that.

One of the stated goals of health care reform is to insure more people. I know it is very early, but so far we are not getting what we expected.

Bridgeport, CT June 26, 2010 — Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Haven, Connecticut recently recognized 17 Connecticut Health Insurance agents as "Premier Partners" for 2010. Two of the agents so honored include the father and son of a small family-owned insurance agency based in Bridgeport, Connecticut, LLC.

Your price for insurance goes down when your share of the risk goes up. This is no secret. What is not known as widely is the price does not go down at the same rate that the risk goes up.

Judge an insurance policy the same way you judge an IOU. An IOU is only as good as the person behind it. Are there too many complaints or a history of not paying claims?