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Over the years, many of our clients have asked about dental insurance. I have been hesitant to offer it without fully informing my clients about the limitations. I will try to do that in this blog post.

Dental Insurance Plans We Represent:

The following is a NOT insurance. It is a dental discount plan:

Health vs Dental Insurances

Medical insurance policies, especially in the Affordable Care Act era, are often just as comprehensive as options one might be offered through their employer. This is not true for dental coverage.

The products offered directly to individuals and families will invariably have significant limitations. This may mean that you are better off paying your dentists out of the money that you might otherwise pay in monthly premiums.

I have looked at several companies offering dental insurance over the years. I find that have similar shortcomings. These include:

Network Limits – Your dentist may not be on the list of network providers. You may have accept a lower level of reimbursement or receive no reimbursement if you get treatment from an out-of-network dentist.

Waiting Periods – Although preventive care is generally covered without a waiting period, other services are not. On one plan, if you need a filling or an X-ray, the service must be performed at least six months after your policy is effective or it will not be covered. On the same plan, oral surgery must be performed at least eighteen months after the effective date for it to be covered.

Dollar and Percentage Limits – You will have an annual dollar limit for covered services. You will need to pay a percentage of the cost of many services. The percentage may vary depending on the type of service.

Many families believe that they will be better off saving the money and paying their dental costs out of pocket. This is often the better choice, especially since the expenses covered by these plans have so many limitations.


Most if not all dental insurance policies do a good job of covering preventive care including cleanings.

Having coverage may have the benefit of helping you maintain a regular teeth cleaning schedule. You In essence, prepay for your exams and cleanings. You may rightly feel that if you don’t have your twice-yearly cleanings, you get no benefit out of what you paid for.

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