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(If you haven’t decided whether you want to buy through the exchange call us or read Health Insurance Exchange – CT Buying Option 1 to see if this is the best option for you.)

This post explains the first steps you need to take to get prices or to enroll in an Obama Care policy through the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange. This assumes that you want our help. Although you can purchase on the exchange on your own, you may benefit from having someone answer your questions either on the phone or in person.

Please note that there is no fee for our services. We get paid some of the money that the insurance company would pay to their sales staff if you purchased directly. Your rates will be the same either way.

Call us (203-374-3645 or 1-800-467-8726) at any point you want help, either before or after you have taken the steps below.

Step 1

Go to the Connecticut Health Exchange Website, but read these instructions first. Opening the link may block or close this page.

Step 2

  • Under “Organization name,” select our agency LLC
  • Select the second option under “I need…” We are licensed brokers.
  • Click Search
  • Do not type in the zip, last name or town fields.

CT health exchange help

Step 3

Click the orange button to select the agent you are working with. (Either Joel or Alston Balkcom).

CT health exchange help

Step 4

You will be asked to register.

Call us (203-374-3645 or 1-800-467-8726) at any point. We will do our best to talk you through the process and to help you decide whether to buy on the Connecticut health exchange website or through one of the other options.

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