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Currently there are eight private medical insurance carriers approved to sell in the State of Connecticut. (This is according to the current information available on the Insurance Department’s website.) You can get quotes from these carriers by requesting quotes from CT medical carriers on this site.

These plans are sometimes referred to as individual policies. It is important to note that these policies cover the cost of health care for families as well. Individual policies are different from group policies which are purchased by businesses for their employees’ healthcare. Either type can insure one person or more than one family member.

The health insurance carriers are:

  • Aetna
  • American Republic Insurance Company
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of CT
  • Celtic Insurance Company
  • Connecticare Insurance Company
  • CIGNA (Connecticut General Life Insurance Company)
  • Golden Rule Insurance Company
  • Time Insurance

None of these medical companies are right for every situation. Some are better in certain counties. Some are better for small families. Some are better for larger families.

Each family has to determine what offers they want to consider. They should take the time to determine what benefits and services are most important to them. Of course one needs to weigh price and the network of doctors available as well.

After you request health insurance quotes from our online system, please feel free to give us a call. You can reach us at 1-203-374-3645 or 1-800-INSURANce.

We’d love to assist you. We can help you sort through all the coverage options and find the best way to insure you and your family. Our business exists to make this easy for you.

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