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Tonik is an individual medical insurance policy offered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. It taps into their national network and has a lot of excellent features. There is a lot to like about the policy, but there are a few drawbacks.

(This post is about the Tonik health insurance policy that is offered in Connecticut in November of 2010. The Tonik policy may differ in your state. The policy may have changed before you get a chance to read this.)

Often people will get confused by the name of the policy. Tonik is not a name that inspires trust and confidence in a lot of people. Many will assume that Tonik is some upstart health insurance company.

The name, however, is just a name. Blue Cross is the company behind the policy. Tonik isn’t even a subsidiary company. It is just the name of one of the policies offered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The policy has the same network as their Century Preferred policy. This means that you can visit in network doctors and hospitals all over the country when you have the Tonik plan. 85% of the nation’s providers accept Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The coverage provided by Tonik insurance policies is excellent on the $1500 deductible option. The deductible is waived when you visit your doctor. You will only have to pay a copayment. The same is true for prescriptions, emergency room visits, walk in clinics and vision exams.

(It should be noted that your deductible will apply to x-rays and labs. You will only have a copayment to pay for the consultation in a doctor’s office, but any labs are subject to the deductible.)

Dental coverage is also included in the policy. The services covered are limited almost exclusively to preventive care. The coverage isn’t as robust as what you might find on an employer sponsored dental insurance policy. However few individual health insurance policies have any dental insurance coverage.

Like all other policies that were purchased after September 23, 2010 there is not deductible or cost share for many preventive care services. These services include an annual general exam as well as an OB/GYN exam for adult female subscribers.

The Tonik $1500 deductible plan has better coverage than most policies with similar deductibles. However there are some drawbacks.

One is the price. Right now a policy with Aetna with the same deductible may be a better deal for many. More services are subject to the deductible, but the pricing difference may make up for that difference.

Another difference is the way newborns are treated. With most health insurance policies a child born to an insured will qualify for a no questions asked policy so long as a parent requests coverage within the first 30 days of their child’s life.

This is not the case with Tonik. Tonik is a one person policy. You cannot add a spouse or child to the policy. You can apply for a separate policy for another family member but they will need to go through medical underwriting to see if they qualify.

Tonik is an excellent policy that is backed by Anthem Blue Cross. Anthem is excellent company. It may be slightly overpriced at this time, but the coverage is better than most other Connecticut health insurance policies with similar deductibles.


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