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Today seniors can improve on Medicare Parts A and B by purchasing either a Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage policy. Both types of policies are available through our agency.

If you only have Original Medicare, you have substantial coverage in the hospital as well as in the doctor’s office. This is not enough coverage for many Medicare Beneficiaries, however. If you only have Medicare Part A and Part B you may have a lot of expenses to pay that Medicare will not cover.

Tonik is an individual medical insurance policy offered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. It taps into their national network and has a lot of excellent features. There is a lot to like about the policy, but there are a few drawbacks.

In many cases this cost is higher than the cost of buying a health insurance policy one can purchase on their own.

It is important to know that with insurance although you often get more when you pay more, you don’t always get a full dollar’s worth of additional coverage for every extra dollar you pay for coverage.