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Bridgeport, CT June 26, 2010 — Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Haven, Connecticut recently recognized 17 Connecticut Health Insurance agents as “Premier Partners” for 2010. Two of the agents so honored include the father and son of a small family-owned insurance agency based in Bridgeport, Connecticut, LLC.

The prospect of purchasing health insurance causes many consumers a lot of frustration and confusion. Some of that may change when the health care reform mandates go into effect. But for now, consumers exploring their options can be faced with a process that is both time consuming and anxiety-ridden.

Small mom and pop insurance agencies often provide great personal service, but are frequently lacking in other areas. The national websites that provide insurance quotes will frequently have a “press 6 to stay on hold a little longer” approach to customer service.

Fortunately there are a few small family-owned agencies that have one foot in the twentieth century and the other in the twenty first. They are able to combine old fashioned one-to-one customer service with constantly-updated interactive websites that are on a par with those of their national competitors.

One of these agencies is the father and son health insurance agency LLC. They don’t make house calls, but they do answer their phone as late as 9:00 pm.

By narrowing their focus to Connecticut, they are able to offer their clients more choices. Their independent agency represents all state-approved private health insurance companies that insure individuals and families. This includes well-known companies like Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna and United Health Care as well as lesser known ones like Celtic and Fortis.

By devoting most of their resources to one type of insurance and to one state, has achieved a high level of customer satisfaction and has been able to grow even during this recession. Evidence of this is the “Premier Partners” for 2010 designation that Anthem Blue Cross has awarded to their two health insurance agents and their A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Fortunately for both consumers and small agencies like theirs, the law dictates that clients are charged exactly the same premiums whether they contact their insurance company directly or work with an independent broker. Many insurance seekers find comfort in this. This law means that they can get objective recommendations from a broker who represents competing companies without paying extra for the advice or personal service.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut has selected only 17 agents across the state for the “Preferred Partners” honor this year. Two of those agents are Alston J. Balkcom and his son Joel A. Balkcom. They are two of the three agents in their small agency. The third agent is Joel’s wife and Alston’s daughter-in-law Deanna Balkcom. She is their life insurance specialist.

For more information you can visit Alston’s Connecticut insurance blog where his posts include opinions about health care reform as well as information that helps Connecticut families make better medical insurance choices.

You can also get instant health insurance quotes by completing a questionnaire on their site or by calling 1-800-INS-URANce (Call 203-374-3645 if not calling from Connecticut.)

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