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Finding insurance when you have a pre existing health condition can be difficult. Some people with certain medical conditions find that they can’t get health insurance at an affordable rate no matter what they do. However there are things that you can do to increase your chances of finding a good health insurance policy even if you have been denied in the past.

Below you will see a video response to Terri Carlson’s funny but poignant video Will Marry for Health insurance!!!!

A summary of my health insurance video tips is below.

Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Tips:

  • Never drop a current health insurance policy until you have an approval from the new company.
  • Continue to shop around if you have received a medical insurance denial. Not every company will say “no” just because others have said “no.”
  • A “no” isn’t always a permanent “no.” You may be able to get an approval if your condition is stable for a period of time.
  • If you have been denied, see how close you are to the guidelines. If your denial involved obesity, you may only need to lose an additional 10 pounds. If it is for another health condition you may only need to be symptom free for another two months.

Ways to get health insurance without marrying someone include:

Starting a business. In many if not all states, you are guaranteed a policy if you are part of a group. In most states the minimum number of employees is two in others it is only one.

Getting coverage from the government. Check federal, state and local levels. One way to look for the options available to you is to do an advanced Google search and limit your search to .gov (government only) websites.

To do this, go to and click on “Advanced Search.” Enter a query such as “guaranteed health insurance in Florida” in the top box and enter “.gov” in the “Search within a site or domain:” box. This will give you better results than a general search that will include commercial websites.

You may also want to check out this page about pre-existing conditions on CNN’s website.

Back to My (work in progress) Health Care Proposal:

I, for one, don’t believe that people should be denied because they have medical conditions.

However, it will take a lot to change the current system. If any insurance company decided to “do the right thing” and insure everybody, they would quickly go out of business. They would be flooded with people who have costly conditions, they would be forced to raise their rates and they would lose many of their healthy customers to their competitors and then their rates would go up again. Eventually they would simply go out of business.

50 to 70% of insurance companies’ claims expenses come from only 10% of their policyholders. This means that adding another 10% with similar or worse conditions could cause rates to increase dramatically.

If costs are going to stay the same they will need to bring in several new healthy people in order to insure just one additional unhealthy person.

The system needs to be changed globally. In order for one insurance company to be able to offer health insurance to everyone regardless of medical conditions all insurance companies would have to be mandated to do so.

Also, their policyholders would have to have a similar mandate! Companies won’t be able to offer insurance to everyone if we are able to buy health insurance after we get diagnosed with a condition and then drop it after we have the expensive operation that will fix the condition. If the insurance companies aren’t allowed to cherry pick, the consumer can’t be allowed to do so either.

There are no easy answers. Health insurance is a lot more complex than most people realize. However, the fact that people are even thinking about marrying for health insurance is a very sad commentary on our current system. I truly hope that something is done to make health insurance available to all of our citizens sooner rather than later.

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