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When looking for self-employed health insurance rates it is important that you not limit yourself to only group health insurance. Group policies are sometimes the best option but usually the best health insurance for self employed people is an individual or group insurance policy.

Group health insurance is typically more expensive than policies that you can purchase as an individual or family. I know that this seems contradictory. We usually expect to get a discounted price when we purchase something in bulk or as part of a group.

The reason that group health insurance in Connecticut is usually more expensive than individual medical insurance is the way the policies are underwritten. Underwriting is the insurance carrier’s process of deciding who to insure and at what price. This primarily involves reviewing the health status of applicants.

When you purchase a group insurance policy in Connecticut, the insurance carriers are not allowed to say “no” based on your health status. For this reason the carriers incur higher claims per person on their group policies and are forced to charge higher rates.

Because of this, we only recommend group insurance for self employed individuals if there is a reason that the individual will not qualify for a group insurance policy.

We can help you get self-employed health insurance rates if you do have a medical condition that makes an individual health insurance policy unavailable to you, but we recommend that you look at individual or family policies first.

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