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Newborn insurance can sometimes refer to life insurance for your child. However this article is about health insurance for a baby.
This type of newborn insurance is generally available with no medical questions asked if one of the parents is covered by a health insurance policy so long as the health insurance company is notified of your desire to cover your child immediately.
Most contracts will require that you formally request coverage for your child within 30 days in order for your child to be covered by your policy without medical underwriting. To protect the health and welfare of your child as well as your finances it is important that you notify your insurance company as soon as possible.
Your insurance policy doesn’t need to cover maternity expenses to have this provision. So even if your policy doesn’t include maternity coverage, it is important to keep the policy so that your child can be insured regardless of any medical problems that may arise.
Also, it is important to know that most health policies that do not cover normal childbirth will typically cover the complications of childbirth. This is another reason to keep your health insurance policy in place if you discover that you are pregnant, but do not have maternity insurance.
It is important that you have medical coverage for your newborn. Insurance can protect you from the high costs of the life-saving procedures performed on a lot of infants. If you are in a situation where your child’s health is in danger, a lack of money should not impact the difficult decisions you will need to make. It is sad but newborn hospital deaths are highest for those with no insurance.

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