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Currently there are only two private health insurance companies that cover maternity expenses that are approved for the State of Connecticut.  Maternity insurance is available from certain policies from Connecticare and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Other policies will not cover expenses associated with normal child birth but may cover complications. The complications of pregnancy can be classified as a sickness, however normal pregnancy is not.

Health insurance policies that cover maternity tend to be much more expensive than policies that do not cover pregnancy expenses. Maternity expenses are, however, even more expensive. Because of this we ask our clients to thoughtfully weigh the pros and cons of any decision regarding adding or removing maternity coverage.

Getting a policy that covers maternity before you need it can add thousands of dollars to your medical insurance bills each year. The same is true if you wait too long to switch to another policy.

If you develop a serious medical condition while on a policy that covers maternity you may be stuck with it longer than you want to be. Your insurance company will not be able to take your coverage away because of a condition you developed after you were approved for your policy, but you may not be able to switch to another cheaper policy.

On the other hand waiting too long to get coverage for maternity can mean that you have to foot the entire bill for you pregnancy. Health insurance policies that cover maternity all require that your policy be effective before you conceive.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the policies that provide maternity coverage in Connecticut.

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