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One of the questions we get frequently is “how long can i carry cobra insurance after my job loss?

For most people the answer is typically 18 months. However there are exceptions. In certain situations disability and divorce can extend the time period of COBRA eligibility.

COBRA is usually more expensive than individual or family health policies that one can purchase directly on their own or through an agency like ours. However the current COBRA subsidies may mean that COBRA is a better option for you. Those who qualify only have to pay 35% of their COBRA premiums.

One big drawback to COBRA, however, is the fact that it is temporary. Once your eligibility ends, you will probably want to purchase an individual or family policy if your then current employer does not offer a medical package as part of their benefits.

There will are always people who are healthy when they chose COBRA who were not when their COBRA eligibility ended. If they had opted for an individual policy when their job ended they would have been allowed to keep that policy until they became eligible for Medicare.

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