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Connecticare will be offering 16 new Connecticare Solo policies to the public. Their old policies will no longer be available to new clients. These changes will go into effect for those wanting their policies to be effective on October 1, 2009 or later. Their rates for their existing policyholders will stay the same until January 1, 2010.

Connecticare’s Existing Policyholders Will See Bigger Rate Increases

Existing Connecticare Solo policyholders should strongly consider changing their policies ASAP. Why? The rates on a policy series that is no longer accepting new clients will rise faster than the rates for a policy that is currently accepting new clients. They are no longer accepting new applications for any of policies that were available for effective dates of September 1, 2009 and earlier.

Why? The average cost of claims per policyholder is the most important factor in determining the premiums an insurance company charges for a given policy series. As a policyholder you are assigned to a group of people based on your age, gender, geography and the policy series you purchased.

When a policy series is closed to new policyholders, it stops bringing in new healthier people and disproportionately loses its old healthier people. You want to be associated with the group of people who have gone through medical underwriting most recently. This is because the more time that has passed since a policy holder has had their medical status scrutinized, the more likely he or she has developed a medical condition.

I invite you to request Connecticut health insurance quotes from us to see not only Connecticare rates but also health insurance quotes from the other Connecticut health insurance companies that sell directly to individuals and families.  You can view instant quotes from:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Celtic
  • Cigna
  • Connecticare
  • Fortis
  • Golden Rule

When you buy through us, your rates will be the lowest rates available. Insurance rates are filed with the State of Connecticut and using a broker has no impact on your premiums. It does, in my opinion, have a tremendous impact on the quality of the advice you receive. Since we work with all of the companies, our opinion is much less biased than the advice you might get if you called one of the companies directly.

Health Insurance – Do You Still Have the Best Policy?

Whether you are a current Connecticare Solo client or a policyholder of another company, if you have a closed plan, you should shop around since there is a good chance that you are paying too much. You can probably find a plan with better coverage for less money.

Give us a toll free call at 1-800-INS-URANce (203-374-3645) or request instant quotes from our website. We’re here to help!

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