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Finding student health insurance for your son or daughter

Your choices include:

  • Health Insurance from a parent’s policy
    • Group Health Insurance
    • Individual or Family Medical Policy
  • Health Insurance approved for the state of your child’s permanent residence
  • Health Insurance approved for the state of your child’s school (assuming he or she resides there)
  • College Health Insurance

Health Insurance from a Parent’s Policy

Usually the best option when looking for health insurance for college students is to keep the child on a parent’s group insurance or on your individual/family health insurance policy that you purchased directly. These plans often provide the best coverage at the lowest price. This is important because of the other expenses involved in helping your child get the benefits of a college degree. Insurance for your child can be inexpensive if one of these options is available to you.

Your private health insurance policy or the plan you purchased from your employer may be able to insure your child until he or she is 26 whether or not he or she is a student. The New Dependent Definition under Public Act No. 08-147 changes with way that most Connecticut employers limit coverage for young adults who are the dependents of parents who are insured under their group insurance plan.

Student status is no longer a requirement! So this applies when you are looking for health insurance for ex college students under the age of 26 also. However, your child must be:

  • unmarried
  • a resident of Connecticut (except for dependents under 19 years of age or full-time students)
  • not covered by their own group health insurance
  • under age 26
    • for group policies, the coverage actually extends for at least a month after the 26th birthday.
    • for individual policies, the coverage actually extends until the next policy anniversary date following the 26th birthday.

Please note that many employers are not mandated to provide this coverage. The new regulation applies to Connecticut only. If a parent’s employer is based in another state, this regulation will not apply. Also employers who self-insure or who do not provide coverage for dependents also fall outside the mandate.

Other Options for Individual “Standard” Medical Insurance

If your child attends school in another state, you will probably be able to choose the best policy available from either state. The same criteria that apply to selecting a policy for any other family member will apply with one addition. You want to be sure that the policy you select for your child has a good network near his or her school as well as near his or her permanent residence.

College Health Insurance

When looking for cheap student heath insurance, plans offered by, or that appears to be sponsored by, your child’s university can be very tempting. However, they are usually limited in nature. The maximum benefits that can be paid during a given year or for a given medical event can be much lower than other policies. Be aware that school sponsored and other college health insurance and
student sports insurance plans are generally not as robust as the policies available through other options.

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