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Currently there are only 8 private Connecticut health insurance companies that provide medical insurance to individuals and families directly and that are on the Connecticut Insurance Department’s list of approved companies.

Connecticut Health Insurance Companies companies insuring individuals

We work with all the companies

  • Aetna
  • American Republic
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Celtic
  • Connecticut General Life Insurance Company
  • Connecticare
  • Golden Rule
  • Time

We offer quotes for all Connecticut Health Insurance Companies. However please note that we only quote American Republic policies by special request. They are very overpriced at this time. Also Time sells under the names John Alden and Fortis in Connecticut

Aetna Logo. Low deductible health insurance plans with low co-pays and premiums. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield logo Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield logo Celtic logo CIGNA logo CIGNA Health Insurance. Offers optional maternity insurance.  A high quality company. Time Golden Rule Insurance Logo.

There are also non-private health insurance plans and group health insurance plans. Non-private or government sponsored plans tend either be more costly than the private plans, have lower benefits or both. Group plans are only available to you if you are self-employed or are employed by a company that offers group insurance. These plans, are actually more expensive than private plans. This is because they cannot refuse to cover someone based on their medical history. Private health insurance plans can exclude based on health history and therefore are less expensive for those who qualify.

Government Sponsored Health Insurance Plans Include

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