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I’m currently visiting my brother-in-law and his family in New Orleans. He has served our country as an Airforce pilot for two decades and is due to retire this year.

It occurred to me how infrequently I think about the military or of my personal safety. Even in the post 9/11 era I rarely consider the possibility that my family might be involved in attack from a foreign army.

It occurred to me that the only way that I stay in this comfortable, ignorant state is because men and women like my brother-in-law Major Scott Tyler do think about war every day. Not only do they think about it, they put themselves in harms way on a regular basis. They and their families often make tremendous personal sacrifices to keep the rest of us safe.

Men like Scott don’t get thanked enough. But it’s really their own fault, it is because they are doing such a great job, the rest of us can just go about our lives worrying about the trivial details of our lives. 🙂

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