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People with certain preexisting medical conditions will have difficulty purchasing or affording health insurance in Connecticut. However, sometimes knowledge is power. There are several avenues to explore before you give up on getting a health insurance policy that will cover you and your pre-existing condition.

Buying individual or family health insurance from a Connecticut private health insurer, involves medical screening or underwriting. Certain people with certain medical conditions will not be able to find insurance coverage through these carriers.

If you have been denied by an insurance company due to your medical history, the first thing to do is to make sure that other companies will also deny you. We often find that a client who was denied by Connecticare will be approved by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield or vice versa. Insurance companies will look at many medical conditions differently.

Also you should determine how close you are to their guidelines. You may be able to reapply after a short period of time and get a more favorable answer. Sometimes a weight loss or gain of ten pounds can make you insurable. In other situations it is just a matter of time or another test. Some conditions are looked at differently as they age. Even a person who has had a bout with cancer may become insurable after a certain amount of time has passed since he or she needed treatment. A woman who had a bad pap smear may become insurable once she has had two clean pap smears after the bad one.

If you are unable to find coverage in the private market there are several other options that you may have:

  • Group Insurance from an employer
  • One person group insurance for the self employed
  • HUSKY for children
  • The Health Reinsurance Association
  • The Charter Oak Health Plan

The options listed above all offer substantial coverage, however, they tend to either cost more or offer less coverage when compared to the health insurance policies that you can purchase in the private market. For this reason, you should explore your options in the private market first.

Group Health Insurance

In Connecticut, Group Health Insurance is underwritten differently from individual or family plans. Insurance companies cannot deny based on medical history when the offer group coverage. However they are allowed to charge more. If you can find a job with health insurance benefits or your spouse can, this may be your best option.

One person group plans.

If you are self-employed, even if you work by your self, you may qualify for a one-person group insurance plan. These plans will accept you whether or not you have a pre-existing condition.

HUSKY is a healthcare plan offered by the State of Connecticut. This plan is not underwritten but it is only for children. This plan is available to those of all income levels, but those with higher incomes will pay more for the program.

Health Reinsurance Association and Charter Oak

The Health Reinsurance Association is a Connecticut program offered by to adults and families.

The Charter Oak Health Plan is a newer program that was rolled out in 2008. This plan is very affordable, but there are some negatives associated with the Charter Oak Plan.

Finding coverage when you have a significant medical condition can be difficult. I hope that the information above is helpful to you and helps you find quality insurance that you can afford.

If you have questions about any of the above, or would like our assistance, please give us a call at 1800insurance. We are available from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We leave at 4:00 on Tuesday.

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