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Since the Connecticut health insurance landscape and your need for specific aspects of insurance are subject to constant change, your insurance policies should change as well. Carriers change their rates and plans. Your family may be changing as well. You may need more, less or different coverage because of these changes.

Connecticut Medical insurance companies are constantly making changes to rates and policies. This year Connecticare will be eliminating some of the policies that will be available through their Connecticare Solo program. The rates for existing policyholders who have the policies are likely to go up faster than the rates for plans still offered to new clients. Anthem Blue Cross dropped their rates for their Lumenous plans. United Healthcare became UnitedHealth One and has a new portfolio for Connecticut.

Aetna Health Insurance – Things to look at

Aetna health insurance policies offer good quality coverage. We recommend Aetna more often than any other company besides Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

However, they offer certain policies that are overpriced or that aren’t best for every client.

Aetna’s zero deductible policies are usually more expensive than they are worth. Although these plans have zero deductibles, they have higher coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximum limits than other plans in the same price range.

Aetna may not be the best company for couples where one spouse is ten or more years or older than their spouse. This is because Connecticare and Anthem will base the rate for the older spouse on the age of the younger one. You may bet a better deal with these companies.

Aetna’s value plans and their hospital only preventative care plans may not offer the benefits you really need. These are bare bones health insurance plans. You may wind up paying for more of your medical expenses than you want or can afford.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield – Things to look at

Anthem Blue Cross is a great company. We recommend their policies more often than those of other companies.

However, no company is the best for every person or family.

Families that need to insure one parent and a child or one parent and children will usually get a better rate by purchasing separate policies or by purchasing a policy with Aetna.

Anthem’s and Connecticare’s rating formulas assume that any policy covering more than one family member covers two adults. This means that you can often get a better rate by insuring each member with a separate policy or by buying from an insurance company with a different rating method.

Connecticare – Things to look at

In 2009 Connecticare Solo changed to a system where different Connecticut counties are charged different rates. This may mean that if you live in a more expensive area like Fairfield County, you may get a better rate by switching to a company that charges the same for the entire state.

The reverse may be true. If you live in New London, Hartford, Tolland or Windham county, you may now get a better rate with Connecticare verses one of the other companies.

Your Families Need for Medical Insurance Changes Too

Your life may also be changing. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are getting older. Your family may be changing in other ways as well. You may have a son or a daughter who is now an adult. You may have a new child. These changes may mean that last year’s policy no longer fits you.

Maternity Insurance

You may no longer need maternity insurance coverage or may want to add it. The wrong option can cost you a bundle.

Student Insurance.

Health insurance for your student may need to be approached differently than coverage for the rest of your family. This is primarly the case if your child is in an out-of-state college. The policy you have may not have doctors in their network who are convenient to your child should they need care when away at school.

Children’s coverage

You may be carrying coverage for your child even though your child is now covered by his or her own group insurance policy.

Your life is changing and therefore your need for insurance is also changing. We recommend that you review your coverage with us once a year to make sure that you aren’t paying too much, that you are fully covered and that you aren’t covered for something that you no longer need like maternity insurance.

Call us at 1-800-INS-URANce or 1-203-374-3645 or request health insurance quotes online to see if you still have the best policy for you needs.

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