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I’ve never gotten over my first love… the game of basketball. I play whenever I can, which unfortunately is not nearly as often as I’d like to play.

One of the ways I can squeeze in a game is by playing in the morning before work.

If you are in the Westport area, I invite you to join our group. We play between 7:00 am and 8:00 am at the Westport YMCA. We don’t play everyday and the schedule changes each week, so please join our Facebook group so that you’ll know when to come down.

Bring your game, but don’t expect any NBA players on the floor. Our group is composed of mature players: Butchers, bakers candlestick makers and one insurance agent.

We love to play and hope that you will join us. Get some exercise that is actually fun and meet some new friends.

Don’t forget to join our group so you’ll know when to play.

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