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I’ve never gotten over my first love… the game of basketball. I play whenever I can, which unfortunately is not nearly as often as I’d like to play. One of the ways I can squeeze in a game is by playing in the morning before work. If you are in the Westport area, I invite

People with certain preexisting medical conditions will have difficulty purchasing or affording health insurance in Connecticut. However, sometimes knowledge is power. There are several avenues to explore before you give up on getting a health insurance policy that will cover you and your pre-existing condition. Buying individual or family health insurance from a Connecticut private

Since the Connecticut health insurance landscape and your need for specific aspects of insurance are subject to constant change, your insurance policies should change as well. Carriers change their rates and plans. Your family may be changing as well. You may need more, less or different coverage because of these changes. Connecticut Medical insurance companies

Avoiding a broker fee when purchasing a Connecticut health insurance policy is pretty easy to do. Connecticut health insurance brokers aren’t allowed to charge fees to consumers for private health insurance. Many people wind up paying more for insurance because they fail to use a broker. People will often pay more when they avoid working

Are you making one of these costly health insurance mistakes? Your expenses may be much higher than they should be if you are making one of these common mistakes. Failing to look at overall healthcare costs Choosing the wrong medical insurance deductible Making a final decision regarding health insurance Overall Health Care costs Overall healthcare

It may cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars each year if your insurance isn’t up to date. You may be paying for coverage you don’t need because you had different insurance needs when you bought your policy. You may own the health insurance policy that is the most expensive today, because it was the

I’m currently visiting my brother-in-law and his family in New Orleans. He has served our country as an Airforce pilot for two decades and is due to retire this year. It occurred to me how infrequently I think about the military or of my personal safety. Even in the post 9/11 era I rarely consider

Finding the best health insurance or other policy, shouldn’t be a process that we engage in once. Reviewing your coverage, your needs, and your situation on a regular basis can save you hundreds of dollars each year and tens of thousands of dollars in your lifetime. You May Be Over Insured You May Have the

Today as more and more insurance is purchased online and by mail, many people are concerned about the potential of being ripped off. There are several things that you can do to avoid an insurance scam. Most of these suggestions apply both online and off. Make sure your insurance company is approved by the insurance