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Finding a replacement for your health insurance coverage is very important when you have left your job and have thereby left your insurance package. However medical insurance is just one of the benefits that you had or should have had in your benefits package. Giving the same consideration to other aspects of insurance and financial

When looking for affordable family health insurance rates many people will make mistakes that cost them a lot of money. COBRA is often used inappropriately. People often fail to shop around. People sometimes select companies that have a poor history of paying claims. Not Seeking a COBRA Insurance Replacement Many people will take the path

Sometimes people believe that they can get a better deal by purchasing their insurance directly from the company. With many products this idea works. When you buy furniture or shoes directly from the factory, you may get a lower price than you would otherwise. Insurance is different. The rates for individual health insurance in Connecticut

Finding the best insurance policy for you and your family may start with finding the best agent. There is a step by step process that insurance agents use to help families find the best insurance policies. These steps can be learned, but this takes a lot of time and most people are too busy to

Insurance that will only cover you in the hospital is like the traditional hospital johnny coats. It provides more coverage than wearing nothing at all. However, you may have significant areas exposed that you wish were covered. There are other ways to lower your costs. A high deductible health plan with or without an HSA