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This health insurance plan review is based on one person’s understanding of the individual & family insurance policies offered to Connecticut residents and the feedback that I’ve received from clients and prospective clients about the plans offered by Connecticare. It is also limited to the family & individual medical insurance plans available for Connecticut residents on a non-group basis.

Connecticare – Network of Doctors & Hospitals

Connecticare’s list of physicians & hospitals is excellent. Chances are you will find your doctor on their list. All or most of the general hospitals in Connecticut can be found on their provider list.

Connecticare – Quality of Coverage

The Connecticut Insurance Department includes Connecticare on their list of Companies with Approved Individual Health Insurance Policies. Some companies may offer better coverage in certain areas, but Connecticare offers above average coverage overall. We are comfortable recommending them when their prices are competitive. This company does have plans that offer maternity coverage. The only plans offered to individuals by private insurers that cover maternity are offered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Connecticare.

Connecticare is the only company that offers no lifetime limits on the major benefits of their policies. By that I mean, you may find limits on prescription benefits, but not on hospital stays. Anthem Blue Cross and Aetna offer a 5 million dollar lifetime cap. This is probably enough for almost everyone today. However, with inflation I wonder if the 25 year old I sign up tomorrow will think that 5 million can be enough for a catastrophic situation when he is 50.

Health Insurance Premiums

Connecticare’s pricing is competitive although not remarkable for most ages and zip codes.

My Opinion of Connecticare Health Insurance plans offered in Connecticut

Score card

  • Network in Connecticut: A
  • Network outside Connecticut: C
  • Coverage: A
  • Exclusions and Limitations: A
  • Pricing: B

I believe that Connecticare often offers the excellent coverage. However, we can often find similar coverage for our clients at a lower price with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield or Aetna. If we can we usually recommend one of those companies. If not, we recommend Connecticare. Connecticare offers great coverage and we feel very comfortable recommending them. If the rate changes in 2009 make them more competitive, they could become our most, or second most recommended company again.

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