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Rating Insurance Companies is something I’m asked to do frequently. My estimation of each company’s ranking is my personal opinion. It is based on information learned over the last 20 plus years as an insurance agent in Connecticut. I do not have access to a lot of statistical data or formal surveys. What I do have access to is feedback from hundreds of clients, my understanding of each insurance company’s plans and feedback from other health insurance agents. This what I will base my rating on. Insurance companies offering private health insurance in Connecticut will be the only companies I will give my opinion on.

In my next few blog entries I will review these companies:

American Republic has priced themselves out the market and so will not be reviewed. United Healthcare sells their individual policies in Connecticut through Golden Rule. Assurant, John Alden and Time are sister companies of Fortis. These are all of the companies currently approved by the Connecticut Insurance Department .

Connecticut-Approved individual or private medical insurance companies are limited to the companies listed above. This makes it easier for both of us. Health Insurance Company Rating would be much more difficult to do if we were in Ohio or California where there are many more. You can find information on insurance plans or other states through our sister site.

My reviews will be based on the following:

  • Network or list of providers
  • Exclusions in Contract
  • Preexisting conditions procedures
  • Price or Premiums

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