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This health insurance plan review is based only on my understanding of the plans and the feedback that I’ve received from my clients about the coverage offered by Aetna. It is also limited to the private health insurance plans available for Connecticut residents on a non-group basis.

Aetna – Network of Doctors and Hospitals

The list of providers that accept a medical insurance plan is a very important issue. It can help you to determine what health plan to purchase. The two questions you should ask are:

  1. Is my physician on the provider list of this health insurance plan?
  2. Are there enough hospitals and doctors in my area(s)?

Aetna’s provider list is excellent

Aetna has a very good list of providers both in the State of Connecticut. Most of our clients can find their doctor on their list. All of our clients can find a doctor on Aetna’s provider list that is a short drive from their Connecticut residence or job.

Aetna Advantage – Quality of Coverage

The individual health insurance plans offered by Aetna in Connecticut offer excellent coverage when compared to the plans offered by most other companies.

Health Insurance Premiums

Health insurance pricing is of course important. We’d all drive Rolls Royces and Mercedes Benzes if all cars cost the same. Aetna reserves the right to charge extra for those who have certain pre-existing conditions. Most of the time, however, our clients pay standard premiums. When the standard pricing is offered, they are very competitive.

Aetna’s practice of raising the rates based on pre-existing conditions should not be looked at as being overly negative. Often they can raise a client’s premium by a relative small percentage and offset the additional risk they accept when the decide to insure someone with a pre-existing condition. In many instances, this allows them to insure people than no one else in the state will accept for coverage.

My Opinion of Aetna Health Insurance plans offered in Connecticut

Score card

  • Network in Connecticut: B
  • Network outside Connecticut: B
  • Coverage: B
  • Exclusions and Limitations: B
  • Pricing: A

I doesn’t always Aetna offer the absolute best coverage for a client. However they offer excellent coverage for the money and I recommend them to a prospective client almost every day.

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