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  • Only two companies offer maternity insurance in Connecticut to individuals
  • You can’t be pregnant when you apply
  • Maternity discount plans aren’t the same

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Connecticare Solo offer Maternity Coverage

Only Blue Cross and Connecticare Solo, of all the companies approved for individual health insurance by the Connecticut insurance Department offer coverage for maternity. Blue Cross and Connecticare are excellent companies with great reputations and good networks. Chances are your doctor is part of both company’s networks.

You cannot be pregnant when you apply

None of the companies will approve a policy for a woman who is pregnant on the effective date of her policy. This is true whether you not you need a policy will cover the typical costs associated with pregnancy. Take care to have a plan in place that will pay for your pregnancy before you conceive.

Maternity Discount plans aren’t the same as insurance plans

A discount plan may save you some money by reducing the charges you will need to pay your hospital or doctor. It will not give you the same quality of coverage as an insurance plan. An insurance plan will typically cover you at 100% after you have met your out-of-pocket maximum. A discount plan may continue to give you a certain percentage off your bills as they go higher and higher, but will not protect you from catastrophic losses.

One important positive, however, is that women who are currently pregnant may qualify for a discount plan.

With costs skyrocketing for health care, having the right coverage in place before you need it is important. However, maternity insurance adds significantly to the costs for a medical insurance policy. Therefore one must think carefully about whether or not to purchase policy that covers the cost of pregnancy if one has any chance of conceiving.

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