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I’m a blogger. Funny, I don’t feel any differently now. Maybe I will after I publish this post. I have 10 websites that I hand-code in XHTML and program with PHP and JavaScript, but I’ve never blogged before. I suppose I had to do this. I mean, it was inevitable. I’m a geek. No question about it.

I’m a lot of other things too. But I know a lot about health insurance, Search Engine Optimization and making money with a web site. We when you’ve been around for almost 5 decades, you are a lot of things. Some days I’m an entrepreneur. I mean, that is how I identify myself inside my own head. Some days I’m an orphan. My mom died over 15 years ago. I was an adult then, but some days I feel lost and abandoned. Not most days, but some days I remember all my failures, in business, in relationships, athletically you name it. Some days they all come pouring out into my psyche. Today I feel good. Today, in just a few seconds from now when I hit the “publish post” button I will officially be a blogger!

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